Gong’s culinary style is totally original, emerging from centuries of Chinese tradition, the most complex and ancient of approaches to food, and linking it to the future. Consistency, ingredients, and foreign influence all play their roles. The most modern kitchen methods, such as the use of siphons, low temperature cooking, marinades, foams, spherification and so on, render Chinese ingredients contemporary and international. The influence of geography matters less, while techniques and inspiration from the global experience of creative minds matter more as chefs Guglielmo Paolucci and Keisuke Koga bring their expertise to their kitchen. This partnership was made possible by the adventurous spirit and professional depth of Giulia Liu, Gong’s owner. She draws from her Chinese and Italian origins, bringing to the restaurant all the richness of her own multinational cultural spirit. The elegance and skill of Asia, represented by Keisuke Koga, blends with the European refinement, Italian taste and French mastery of Guglielmo Paolucci. Together, the two chefs create Gong’s unique international atmosphere.

The Chefs
Keisuke Koga
Gifted with a free and creative mind, Koga’s professional style was shaped by cuisines around the world. He began his career in Japan, working with French and Italian chefs, moving on to Budapest and Bodrum. Among his culinary passions, experimentation with ingredients occupies a special place. He handles ingredients with great respect for Asian tradition and techniques, transforming, showcasing, and interpreting but never misusing or betraying their original character.

Guglielmo Paolucci
Young and eclectic, Paolucci perfected his training working alongside outstanding chefs such as Severino Gaiezza from Gambero Rosso, Antonio Guida at the Pellicano, Michelino Gioia, Damiano Nigro, and Fabio Baldassarre when he was at Unico. Each experience was formative, focusing him on techniques of French cuisine as well as Italian cuisine and Spanish cooking. He brings his know-how to Gong and the new, stimulating world of Asian food, amazing and amusing his clients.