Gong is a Chinese restaurant distinguished for the modernity of its cuisine and elegance of its spaces. Opened in March 2015, its owner is Giulia Liu, who together with her family has revolutionised the concept of fine Asian cuisine in Milan and in Italy. The star in the kitchen is the Asian attitude, interpreted without reference to geographic boundaries. Through Giulia Liu’s experience and knowledge of tradition, Chinese cuisine rediscovers its roots in a modern interpretation, open to influences and in search of new expressions, offering itself to the creativity of the chef, who brings from his own culture intriguing ideas and aromas, reworked on the plate and presented with a fresh new style. Chef Keisuke Koga draws on his Japanese origins, enhanced by his extensive experience in kitchens all over the world. The result is a unique gastronomic offering, one that uses Chinese culture and technique and is enriched with Asian nuances, but with no limits to creativity or taste. Thanks to this commitment to creativity, Gong cuisine has a markedly international character, one that meets the taste of demanding, curious palates. The wine list emerged from sommelier Mototsugu Hayashi’s study of fragrances and aromas, choosing for Gong a thoughtful selection of wines from both well-known and emerging wineries.


Gong draws its name from the large, impressive onyx gongs that reign in the dining room, at once both scenographic and discrete, dividing the spaces. The architect Nisi Magnoni wanted a stripped down space, one cleared of all frills, as preferred in the Asian tradition, enriched solely by details in brass and pure gold, which repeat in the tables, lamps and doors. The open-space plan and ultra-high ceilings create an atmosphere of conviviality and lend the entire restaurant a modern breadth. The large gongs, lit up at night like works of art, wink at passers-by through the vast, full-height windows. The cutting-edge kitchen is open to view from the dining room, presenting diners with the expert care and precision of the chef and his team.



Dinner with the press
March 2015

Just a few days before its opening, Gong will open its doors to the experts with a tasting dinner, during which the most successful dishes, in terms of taste and aesthetics, will be chosen. The selection will then be used as a tasting menu as part of the restaurant’s permanent offer to diners.


Corso Concordia 8, Milano
ph. +39 02 7602 3873
mb. +39 3397498699

Lunch 12:30 - 14:30
Dinner 19:30 - 23:40

Closed on Mondays at lunch.

Press office:
A + A marketing and co.
Alessandra Gasparini | +39 393 9713009 |
Alessandra Sonnino | +39 338 5675790 |

ake-away available from 7:30 pm to 8:20 pm, by reservation only.

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